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New Blog….New Office!!!

external view office

I am SO excited to finally start blogging again and now even more because my first post is about our new office!

Ever had that moment where you sit back and look at everything happening around you and realize that once it all used to be a dream? It’s the best feeling anyone could have…turning dreams into reality!

It’s kind of ironic because as a wedding planner I get to do this often- turn dreams into reality for our couples that is- and for the past month (minus the painting :) ) I’ve been feeling just like they do on their wedding day! Now who’s taking me on a honeymoon?! :)

I had the chance to meet and become great friends with Courtney from DishieRentals and Amalie with AmalieOrrangePhotography and got to take the adventure of finding the perfect place for us and we have found it!

Take off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and come visit our little red wedding house anytime!

<3 Becky

officeoffice living room

office living with cakeoffice b

*Photos by Amalie Orrange Photography